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Winning the battle for talent has never been so important.

Any companies greatest assets are it’s people. In today’s rapidly evolving recruitment marketplace, the ability to attract the very best talent in class, will ultimately make the difference between success and failure.

Laslo Fox is built to help your company create successful and profitable recruitment outcomes that will help you to grow and succeed, with the confidence you can make great new hires, on tap and when you need them.

Recruiting? 3 questions to help you select the right recruitment partner...

What can a recruiter do for us – that we can’t do for ourselves?
What does a recruiter need from me?
How do you measure success?

Job Hunting? 3 questions to you select the right recruitment partner...

What can a recruiter do for me – that I can’t do for myself?
What does a recruiter need from me?
How do you measure success?

Who We Help

We’re proud to have seen some of our client companies grow from start-ups to award winning industry leaders and Nasdaq floats. They excite and inspire and get the very best out of their candidates and ourselves.

We partner companies at the forefront of their chosen industry, worldwide. They are ambitious, disruptive and have clear vision and clarity of purpose.

They believe in the importance of getting the talent agenda right and put high value on achieving this. They’re open to being challenged and exploring new approaches to recruitment, to create highly effective talent pipelines.

AI, Machine Learning 

Insight, Strategy, Brand

Commercial Strategy Consulting

Finance, Investment, Funds

Media, Tech, Entertainment

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare

Why Laslo Fox?

We aim to always deliver outstanding recruitment ROI and value to our clients. Our ‘Best of AI + Best of Human’ approach ensures your precious time and budget invested will get a great return. We use a range of highly effective recruitment frameworks and approaches, designed on the principle that successful recruitment is about hiring staff, not finding them. There’s a big difference. The result is a high quality, low volume delivery, allowing you to meet with candidates that are on brief and engaged in your brand – more likely to accept a job when offered. Giving you the confidence you can hit your growth plans and recruit the very best.

Matt Webb

Matt will help you to successfully navigate the rapidly changing recruitment marketplace. Being your eyes and ears on the market, introducing you to industry leading companies and candidates that are on brief and right for you.

Matt has a wealth of helpful and practical knowledge to help you make all the right moves at every step of the way. Making moving jobs and building teams an enjoyable, profitable and successful experience.

Josh Bellil

Josh knows how important it is to have a good team around him, and the value of finding the right people to do the right jobs. The workplace should be a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding environment.

Josh has first hand experience and knowledge of working at the top of a high pressure profession, having previously toured the world as a professional singer. He knows what it takes to be successful. It all starts with a conversation.

Our Specialist Network

We work closely with a collection of partner specialists and experts with a range of niche skills and disciplines, designed to support your wider hiring and talent planning needs.

Our core team will help you identify these needs and remain your single point of contact, managing the process seamlessly as our partners join the team as and when they’re required.


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